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MFA in art and art theory from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Ulla Hvejsel’s interdisciplinary artistic practice is based on an unconventional approach to theatre, film, parenthood, performance, television, journalism, and the concept of self-deceit. She has been part of the artist-run tv-station TV-TV, she has sailed the Mexican Gulf as embedded journalist, and proposed a new experimental method for watching TV. She has collected jokes from war movies and performed them for three years, and she regularly gives lectures about her interest in self-deceit, the sublime, and the whiteness of the white bear. At the moment she is mostly talking out of her ass.

Ulla Hvejsel often works with longterm projects researching her way through different aspects of a topic or a concept in a variety of different medias and contexts.




For the exhibition Ulla Hvejsel presented two quizzes about thinking with your ass, where she invited us all to think with the ass in a quiz about stupidity and work. The first quiz was for adults and took place at meter, while the second one was for children and took place at Blågårdens Bibliotek on Nørrebro.