About Us

meter is a fluid curatorial platform that pollinates and reworks other art spaces and cultural institutions. Often working in collaboration with others, the focus is securing a mutually beneficial space for learning across disciplines. Therefore meters volume and mass is also varying. Its form is shaped by the collaborations and the project at hand. At meter curating is performative. It is creating a framework based on care for the artwork and its contextualisation, for the artist and their work. But it is equally important to create a caring space for the audience, for their experience and for the dialogues around art, culture and society.

meter is characterised by long curatorial and artistic research projects that allow time and space for immersion. Through this we work to create a framework in which we can approach subjects from different perspectives in collaboration with artists, poets, activists, scholars and curators to visualize the multiplicity, the connections, the complexities, the ambivalence, the conflicts, the contradictions and escape deduction, generalisation or conclusion as well as universality, neutrality and objectivity.

meter is political. Not partisan but political in the sense that we work actively to challenge our perceptions of the world. We acknowledge that so far no one can escape class, sexual, gender, spiritual, linguistic, geographical and racial hierarchies. Knowledge is situated and the project at hand is to listen and learn from each other, be open, generous and not try to necessarily mend differences but instead acknowledge their presence.

meter is run by curator Louise Lassen Iversen.

From 2017-2019 meter took form as a physical exhibition space. It’s program was characterized by long exhibition periods of between 4-6 months. Each exhibition took its outset from a specific point such as a historical event, an artistic practice or a specific art work, a fictional or factual text, a public debate etc. and developed and grew from there. Consequently the exhibitions were not static, but developed like organisms growing and transforming with time. This generated exhibitions that made space for extension and movement, for adding and subtracting, for regretting or for changing the context in which the individual art works were placed and for approaching them from different perspectives.
From 2017-2019 Rie Hovmann Rasmussen was co-director of meter in collaboration with Louise Lassen Iversen.