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SHE’S A SHOW began in 2010 as a live duo. SHE’S A SHOW is musician Miriam Karpantschof & poet Mette Moestrup. SHE’S A SHOW is a feminist space for experiments. SHE’S A SHOW combines words with sound & performance. SHE’S A SHOW is electronica, lyre playing, voices, semi-rap, bird calls, beats. SHE’S A SHOW is trashed & tender. SHE’S A SHOW is queering gender. SHE’S A SHOW loves the body & the brain. SHE’S A SHOW is aggression & fun. SHE’S A SHOW embraces imperfection & improvisation. SHE’S A SHOW puts the clit on the map. SHE’S A SHOW is dancing & discussing. SHE’S A SHOW takes place in your mind. SHE’S A SHOW makes you sing you’re a feminist (even if you’re not). SHE’S A SHOW has performed at many literary & music events & festivals. SHE’S A SHOW almost stopped doing live performances after a car crash in 2011. SHE’S A SHOW is about finding new ways of creating despite injuries & trauma. SHE’S A SHOW is a grief ritual. SHE’S A SHOW helps you through heartache. SHE’S A SHOW is a choice, a friend. SHE’S A SHOW gives you a break from patriarchy. SHE’S A SHOW knows how. SHE’S A SHOW is norm creative. SHE’S A SHOW is about connecting & sharing. SHE’S A SHOW is a digital & audiovisual platform since 2017. SHE’S A SHOW, the platform, is a collaboration with digital designer Hanna Bergman. SHE’S A SHOW, the platform, shows videos and visuals by Nordic female artists, who were given free hands to interpret the songs and poems. SHE’S A SHOW is inter-Nordic & rethinking the Nordic. SHE’S A SHOW is working with antiracism & critiquing whiteness. SHE’S A SHOW is for lesbians and also for non-lesbians. SHE’S A SHOW is a cross-aesthetic & interdisciplinary collective. SHE’S A SHOW explores how feminist aesthetics can be activist. SHE’S A SHOW digs women in technology. SHE’S A SHOW is wow. SHE’S A SHOW is for the other. SHE’S A SHOW is open.





water in the room
by Angela Rawlings & SHE’S A SHOW

Tickets cost 30 kr. and can be bought at: (check link).
The event will primarily be in English.

On this night SHE’S A SHOW by poet Mette Moestrup & musician Miriam Karpantschof will perform live and create an other worldly univers through poetry and music. This time, the duo has invited eco-poet Angela Rawlings to participate in their feminist experimentarium.

Angela Rawlings is an interdisciplinary artist using languages as dominant exploratory material. Her practice seeks and interrogates relational empathy between bodies—be they human, more-than-human, other-than, non.

Screening of the collective poetry film Tears, Grief Ritual & performance/talk about making the video.

Live impro/ritual with water, objects, reading.

Dialogue about tears, water, the flowing, trauma and healing (with a look to hydrofeminism).


ANGELA: shows pieces from her work which includes eco-poetry and conversations with landscapes.


The event is part of the Cph Art Week program



Audiovisual Poetry
by Qi Tan & She’s a show

As a pre-event to the exhibition Shaking the habitual on feminist utopias She’s a Show presented a set of live performances created in collaboration between the Chinese audiovisual poet Qi Tan.

Maybe audiovisual poetry isn’t that well known in Denmark, but it’s an international art form pointing to the future. The Chinese audiovisual poet Qi Tan works with sounds, images and words in many different ways – for instance via computer programming and VJing. This is her first visit in CPH ever! She’s here to improvise and experiment together with the music- and poetry duo She’s a show – aka Mette Moestrup and Miriam Karpantschof ( This Saturday, there’ll be a live performance with Qi Tan & She’s a show plus presentations of their audiovisual work.