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MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Art.
BFA Faculty of Art, Design & Music, Kingston University London.

In her artistic practice Nanna Lysholt Hansen is investigating relationships between the body, language, voice, gender and technology. By using her own personal experiences of the female body, sexuality, pregnancy, birth and motherhood she draws attention to the body as a technological and biological intergenerational mediator of knowledge, voice and memory.




Shaking the habitual: What is your utopia?

In her on-going project The Chthonic Ones/Anatomy of the Chthulucene Nanna Lysholt Hansen uses 3D printed models of clitorises to situate possible variations of the organ in different shapes, scales and materials.



Dear Daughter/Anatomy of the Chthulucene #6
Performance by Nanna Lysholt Hansen


Now we play.

We are glitter, pink, purple, coral and slime.

This which I am going to tell you reaches into your biology, your genealogy and from there stretches tentacularly and technologically into the chthulucene, the future we are becoming. Again. Now 

Dear Daughter/Anatomy of the Chthulucence is a speech performed using playback technology that weaves together Donna Haraway’s concept of ‘the Chthulucene’ with anatomic descriptions of the clitoris by female anatomist Helen O’Connell.

Dear Daughter/Anatomy of the Chthulucene (2016-18) is a continuation of Dear Daughter/Organic Cyborg Stories (2013) and Dear Daughter/Motherboard Theories of Evolution (2014-2018). A series of live performances, performative speech installations and video performances in where Nanna Lysholt Hansen interweaves her own experiences of pregnancy, birth and sexuality with text fragments from posthuman literary sources.