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MFA from the Royal Danish Art Academy.
Co-runner, editor and curator of Mondo Books, an artist run mobile art-bookshop.

Miriam Haile’s artistic practice focuses on questions around migration, urban isolation, and border politics. Often presented within multimedia installations she instigate an interdisciplinary dialogue, with a political landscape, investigating how one might understand moving imagery and it´s archive.
In her resent work she has revisited different methods of examining video archives and looked into how online archives can be understood as a form of new “future” documents.

With a political landscape, cartographies, and affective potential her projects hopes to play a critical actor in the art field of examining and perhaps confronting the viewer/reader on their objectivity and also investigate how one might understand how moving imagery produce meaning.





Shaking the habitual: When does the future begin?

For Shaking the habitual Miriam Haile will show the film Tigrinya Wealth from 2015. The film seeks to investigate how to interpret the history of a young nation, Eritrea´s 30 year freedom struggle and its language Tigrinya online documentation.



Miriam Haile is a part of the collective Hvidme Archive together with Annarosa Krøyer Holm and Sine Frejstrup,

Hvidme Archive presented their archive that features excerpts of artworks and texts in the fields of: art / culture / critical studies / intersectionality / racialization / mythology / colonial history / decolonialism / philosophy / fiction / queer theory / feminism.

Miriam Haile and Annarosa Krøyer Holm presented the archive on Thursday January 5th 2017 at 5-7 pm for the opening event of the exhibition Unravelings.