Sun Ra Repatriation Project

by Kapwani Kiwanga

Feb 2 – April 1 2017, every Thursday at 5 pm and Saturday at 1 pm

Update: We will unfortunately not be screening Kapwani Kiwanga’s “Sun Ra Repatriation Project” on Thursday Feb 23. Next screening will be Saturday Feb 25 at 1 pm. 

The film Sun Ra Repatriation Project by the Canadian artist Kapwani Kiwanga follows her attempt to return the legendary jazz musician Sun Ra’s remains to their original home: Saturn. Kiwanga travels to the US and France to meet experts and scientists from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Observatoire de Paris in order for them to help her with formulating the astronomical aspects of the project. She asks the French police to create a composite portrait of Sun Ra from testimonies of those who knew him. The sketch is sent into deep space in 2009. Kiwanga then arranges that a radiotelescope in California observes Saturn for any possible extraterrestrial radio transmissions from Sun Ra.

From Thursday February 2nd the 43 minute film can be seen as a part of the exhibition Unravelings. The film will be screened every Thursday at 5 pm and Saturday at 1 pm until April 1st.

THE SUN RA REPATRIATION PROJECT | Video| Sound | 43’ |2009 (Extract) from Kapwani Kiwanga on Vimeo.




Artists: La Vaughn Belle, Annarosa Krøyer Holm, Javier Tapia, Jessie Kleemann, Trine Mee Sook Gleerup, Nanna Debois Buhl, Julie Edel Hardenberg, Kapwani Kiwanga and Hvid[mə] Archive.

Jan 5 – May 14 2017

The exhibition looks at Denmark as a colonial power, and how this affects today’s society and our sense of national identity. Over five months the exhibition will slowly take form, develop and expand through different stages. The exhibition takes its point of departure from Hvid[mə] Archive, a collective project that focuses on the violence attached to the colour white, institutional power and the selective, national memory. The development of the exhibition can been seen as a physical materialisation and critical expansion of viewpoints within Hvid[mə] Archive.

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