October 8, 2019:

Lunar Celebration – Pop-up exhibition by Line Falk

Come celebrate the Moon with us on Friday, October 11 from 4-10 pm – two days before the fiery full supermoon in Aries. Artist and designer Line Falk will be showing a series of handcrafted Lunar Plates at meter. This small pop-up is also open Saturday, October 12 between 1 and 4 pm.
For more info, check Facebook.

News – October 3, 2019:

Rie Hovmann Rasmussen stops as co-director of meter.

I am sad to see Rie go. The collaboration between us has been above what I could ever expect. I am so proud of what we have created together in the exhibition platform meter and it has been such a pleasure and a constant inspiration to work with her.

I am happy to say that Rie has left meter, not because she was tired of her work here, though she was tired of being a precarious worker, but because she found herself a dream job.

A year into our program Rie told me that she would slowly start looking for a job with a proper pay, pension and sick leave, and who can argue with that. This says something about the conditions under which we are asked to work within the arts.

Rie started at her new job at Roskilde University as a project coordinator in March this year. For a while we had hoped that she could stay on at meter, and we have both taken time to think of how a collaboration could continue under these new circumstances. A month ago she announced her resignation in the realization that it wouldn’t be healthy in the long run to try and manage a full-time job and a serious curatorial practice at the same time, and I support this decision. Sometimes saying no, not stretching your energy out on too many projects and prioritising your own well being is the right and sometimes terribly difficult thing to do.

This does not mean the end of meter. There are a lot of projects being formulated that will see the light of day in the year 2020 and 2021. A few examples are the coming online portal Offspace created in collaboration with artists Jacob Remin, Andreas Hjort, Louise Haugaard Jørgensen, all from KKT, artist Jakob Jakobsen from Hospital Prison University Archives and curator Paola Paleari mapping the self-organized scene in Denmark; a Nordic festival focusing on poetry as action and activism created in collaboration with poet Shadi Angelina Bazeghi; an invitation to co-curate a group exhibition in partnership with artist Kristina Steinbock at Rundetårn and a collaboration with artists Javier Tapia and Camilo Ontiveros as well as curator Stenka Hellfach on getting the two artist’s film project Liquid Light to Denmark.

I will keep you posted and hope to see you all soon. meter would not exist or thrive if it wasn’t for your support. So thank you!

Louise Lassen Iversen

Director of meter