Upcoming event

Diversity: a curatorial responsibility

Nov 18 at 1-2.30 pm

at Den Frie
Olso Plads 1
2100 Copenhagen

As a part of this year’s KE the curators behind meter have invited the artists Jeannette Ehlers and Mathias Kryger to participate in a conversation about representation and how to ensure diversity in the art world.

The censored exhibitions have once functioned as a way to enter the established art world. The artists’ associations behind have been linked with ideas of democracy and the artists in the annual exhibitions have been selected on equal terms by art professionals. Equal terms have meant and still means that the art works are judged on their own and not by who the artist is. But what consequences does this have? And how can we ensure diversity and a broad representation when the artists are anonymous?

meter has been invited to award the KE-prize to two artists from Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling 2018. In connection to this year’s censured exhibition they would like to discuss how we can ensure diversity within the art world as well as see to it that the artists exhibited reflects our society. A critical conversation on this topic often ends with the argument that ensuring diversity will be at the expense of the quality of the art works that are exhibited. We believe that it is time to address these assumptions.

Mathias Kryger and Jeannette Ehlers have been invited to participate in this conversation because they’re both a part of this year’s censorship committee. But more importantly debates about representation and identity politics are a consistent part of their professional praxis and something they both put on the agenda in their artworks, in the press and in the exhibitions they both have curated.




work work work

Exhibition period: Aug 25 – Dec 8 2018

Opening of the second phase: Oct 6 at 1-5 pm

work work work is a exhibition that is self-reflective and takes a look at artists and curators’ own circumstances as cultural producers. The art industry is known to be infected by expectations of free labor and a general lack of money. Are these conditions we can change and if so, how?

In the second phase of the exhibition works by artists Lise Skou and Suada Demirovic are included.

Lise Skou contributes with the installation Rewriting History, which takes its point of departure in the major work Wealth of a Nation (1776) by economist Adam Smith. The artist’s focus is on the lacking consideration of how unpaid work helps ensure wealth.

Suada Demirovic shows the video work Family Album 1952-1990, based on the artist’s own family history and, more specifically, her mother’s memories. This is a film about moving away in search for work but also about leaving your home country because you are unwanted.

work work work is not a static exhibition. It develops throughout the exhibition period as an organism that grows and evolves over time. The exhibition program focuses on the nature of precarity, on collective working methods and organisation, the value of work and the lack thereof. Throughout the exhibition period we will show art, performances, reading groups, workshops and seminars by / in collaboration with:

Suada Demirovic, Lise Skou, Centre for Precarious Lives, Ulla Hvejsel, Mia Isabel Edelgart, Deirdre Johanna Humphrys, Thea von der Maase, Ninna M. Poulsen, Joen Vedel, Thomas Bo Østergaard, Tine Tvergaard, Rasmus Brink Pedersen and more.

The exhibition is supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation and The City of Copenhagen.


Upcoming exhibition


New collaboration between the artists’ association Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling and meter.

Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling has invited meter to select two artists participating in KE’s Autumn exhibition 2018. These artists are given the opportunity to participate in a satellite exhibition in 2019 that spans over the three project spaces: meter, LOKALE & OK Corral.

With a satellite exhibition, the art of the matter is to create coherence in spite of distance. For this specific exhibition we will search for similarities or clashes in the artworks submitted by the two artists – elements that can connect or collapse.

To read more about Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling please visit: