Upcoming events
How to quit: Digital stresstest and mindful computing
Workshop by Henrik Chulu, Jacob Remin, Maia Kahlke, Andreas Hjort Bundgaard & Halfdan Mouritzen

May 23 at 3-6 pm

How stressed out is your online data profile and what are the consequences for your cyber security, your privacy and your digital health? Do you control the computers or do they control you? We introduce you to the mysteries of a healthy online life and how to let go of your digital dependencies. Through a stress test and a series of mindful computing excercises we will help you and the computers in your life back on the path towards cyber zen.

You can sign up to the event by calling +45 32 17 30 85 and say your name and number, so we can call you back with information about the workshop.


water in the room
by Angela Rawlings & SHE’S A SHOW

May 24 at 7 pm

Tears, Grief Ritual af Angela Rawlings, video still.

Tickets cost 30 kr. and can be bought at: (check link).
The event will primarily be in English.

On this night SHE’S A SHOW by poet Mette Moestrup & musician Miriam Karpantschof will perform live and create an other worldly univers through poetry and music. This time, the duo has invited eco-poet Angela Rawlings to participate in their feminist experimentarium.

Angela Rawlings is an interdisciplinary artist using languages as dominant exploratory material. Her practice seeks and interrogates relational empathy between bodies—be they human, more-than-human, other-than, non.

Screening of the collective poetry film Tears, Grief Ritual & performance/talk about making the video.

Live impro/ritual with water, objects, reading.

Dialogue about tears, water, the flowing, trauma and healing (with a look to hydrofeminism).


ANGELA: shows pieces from her work which includes eco-poetry and conversations with landscapes.


The event is part of the Cph Art Week program



current exhibition
Shaking the habitual
When does the future begin?

Exhibition period: 3.3.-23.6.2018


We invite you to join us when we present ideas of utopia by:

Jacob Remin, Linda Lazer, Miriam Haile and Rasmus Brink Pedersen


During the 4 month program we will present artworks, performances, workshops, readings, seminars, talks, panel discussions & a library of various publications by / in collaboration with:

Angela Rawlings, Daregender, Eva La Cour, Imri Sandström, Jacob Remin, Laboratory for Aesthetics & Ecology, Linda Lazer, Marie Moberg, Marronage, Mette Moestrup, Miriam Haile, Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Nazila Kivi & Salon Hysteria, Olga Ravn, Paola Paleari & Yolanda Dominguez, Peter Brandt, Poesiens Hus, Rasmus Brink Pedersen, SHE’S A SHOW, Stathis Tsemberlidis, Støberiet, Tan Qi, Tine Tvergaard, Tomas Lagermand Lundme, Transpolitisk Forum, Warehouse9 and more.. 

Read more about the exhibition here.


Events in May and June


May 23

Workshop: How to quit: Digital stresstest og mindful computing by Henrik Chulu, Jacob Remin, Maia Kahlke, Andreas Hjort Bundgaard  & Halfdan Mouritzen.


May 24

Performance: Økopoesi-utopier by SHE’S A SHOW (Mette Moestrup and Miriam Karpantschof) & eco-poet Angela Rawlings.


May 25

Copenhagen Art Week: Art Tour of Copenhagen-based Project Spaces.


June 9

Laboratory for Aesthetics & Ecology: Book release, panel debat & film screening.


June 14

A Cyborg Witch Performance: Dra. Kaligari’s Cabinet. By Klau Kinki and Misfita Terra. Arranged in collaboration with Nazila Kivi & Salon Hysteria


June 16

Conference: Shaking the habitual at Warehouse9 – on feminist utopias


 Changes and additions to the program will occur.