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Animation at Kingston University, Faculty of Art Design & Music, London, England.
Started Decadence Comics in 2003 together with Lando (David Lander).

Throughout the medium of comics, video and animation Stathis Tsemberlidis explores the boundaries between linear and non linear storytelling. In his work he merges the scientific with the mystical and the rational with the improbable. His comic stories usually depict characters that are going through physical and mental transformations as they explore and interact with their surrounding realities.

In Tsemberlidis’ recent work he investigates various aspects of live performance in connection to film making and live broadcasting. His influences range from sci-fi literature and film to philosophy, religion and science.





Shaking the habitual: What is your utopia?

Transmutation of human bodies is an ongoing series of drawings that explores the contemporary human body beyond the perception of an enclosed biological system. This body, whose boundaries are precarious if not dissolved is under the influence of foreign processes that it cannot control. Various biological phenomena such as cell disease and fungal parasites are constantly transforming the internal and the external anatomical landscape. The co existence of the human and the alien is opening up new ways of understanding the body and the self.