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MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Marie Koch Kjærgaards work meditates on the moving body. The repetition of simple pre-dogmatised movements, is an attempt to induce the flaws and secrets of the work, as a representative of nature.

Currently she is working with charcoal, salt, water with blue colour and oil on paper. Often the works has been sitespecific, to reveal the energi of the space. Resent works on paper is more a decoding of her own bodymovements. Her choice of material, has a relation to the body, and the perception of and impact on the receiver is important.

Somewhere between silence and chaos, the works, in their very controlled precence, accommodate both and soberly balance inbetween.





I would prefer not to

For the exhibition Marie Koch Kjærgaard shows her work Timewarp absorbtion. Charcoal powder with an absorbing surface, brushed out in simple consistent motions. Fragile and extremely short-lived. Decodes and unveils movements of a body. Breathes only in the making, and a little longer.

Meditations with artists Johanne Skovbo Lasgaard & Marie Koch Kjærgaard

For the second meditations over art (works) we invite audiences in for a talk about works by artists Johanne Skovbo Lasgaard and Marie Koch Kjærgaard and let them take us through different practical exercises from their artistic practises. The two artists have from the beginning of the exhibition responded to each others works and materials choices – a collaboration that challenges the idea of the individual artistic expression and allow for a collective practice build on intuition, action and reaction.