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with Mia Isabel Edelgart, Deirdre Johanna Humphrys, Thea von der Maase, Ninna M. Poulsen, Joen Vedel, Thomas Bo Østergaard, Tine Tvergaard & Rasmus Brink Pedersen.



Find a comfortable position for your tongue.

Listen outward.

Celery could be a fracture, cellophane fire.

Accentuate your role. Ask: who or what surrounds it?

Listen for the sounds that are not expressed.Noise in the membrane. Mirror. Disrupt. Repeat.


We are a group of visual artists exploring precarity, collectivity and estrangement together. We use improvisation as a method to examine the nuances of our everyday lives, and are interested in the “now” that improvisation inevitably takes place in. Here habits, roles and narratives may be confronted. We have been working together for the last ten years and, among other things, created the exhibitions Venskaber at Kunsthal Aarhus and På Baggrund af de Umulige Forhold in Møstingshus, focusing on friendship as a space for collective exploration. For the exhibition work work work,we have recorded an audio theatre on site at meter without subsequent editing.




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