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MFA from Malmö Art Academy, Sweden.

Andreas Albrectsen’s drawings are based on existing images found through Google searches. In his process of transitioning photographs to drawing, Albrectsen investigates forms of validity and temporality that contrast with the digital image culture of our time. In his work he often arrange these models into pairs using associative logic to let unrelated motifs create new metaphorical displacements and mental images. Transforming a photograph into a drawing is like fabricating a memory by continuously and retrospectively working and reworking recollections over time. His drawing process constitutes a slow transformation from digital to physical materiality: a grey area where his private notions merge with collective memories of the past.






I would prefer not to

For the exhibition I would prefer not to Andreas Albrectsen presents the works Notes (170801) and Oeuvre S / M / L.

Notes (17.08.01) is based on a private snapshot taken from the top of World Trade Center in New York on August 17th 2001. In the foreground of the motif the rooftops of New Yorks financial District, Wall Street is visible. The motif is scaled up to a size that matches the dimensions of the window through which the image was taken and printed on 1.750 Post-it notes mounted on the wall of the exhibition space. During the exhibition period the work is expected to change as the glue of the Post-it’s looses its grip and they fall to the floor.

The T-shirts carry a silkscreen-printed motif on the front, representing a selection of Albrectsen’s previous work. The presentation will merge the code of conduct of the exhibition viewer with that of the retail consumer. As an emerging artist he also plays with the idea of the retrospective exhibition format. As a versatile product of communication, the T-shirt shares a commonality with paper, which is the medium Albrectsen prefers to work with. His drawings are based on existing online images slowly translated by hand into intricate drawings. This procedure automatically raises a discussion about the value of the reproduction versus the original. But by extending the finished drawings onto wearable garments, another layer of meaning is added. Allowing the works to be worn and activated by different people and their immediate surroundings, each individual will create their own context and meaning around the it. Instead of being the viewer, he or she becomes the actual carrier of the work.

Each T-shirt is made in a numbered edition of 10 and is available for 300 kr. (40 €). All profits are donated to, a psychiatric rehabilitation centre in Copenhagen.



Meditations with artists Eva Koch & Andreas Albrectsen

For the first meditation over (art)work we invite artists Eva Koch & Andreas Albrectsen to join us for a talk about the artworks exhibited at meter and their artistic practice. We have invited the two of them to a joint conversation because we see similar inspirations driving their artistic practises but their treatment of the subject to be different both in method and in artistic output.