Seminar: Violence in poetry/The art of translating

Jan 19 2019 at 3.15 pm – 6 pm

We welcome you to an afternoon of lectures and talks about violence in poetry and the art of translating – arranged by meter in collaboration with the cross-Nordic journal KRITIKER. The writers have contributed to the latest issue of KRITIKER with translated poetry and will read from their translations. The poems deal with violence at different levels and at different times. The event will end with a panel conversation that focuses on opportunities of poetry and its limitations in relation to violence as a theme, as well as the possibilities and limitations of language in relation to translation.

3:15 pm Welcome & presentation

3:30 pm Reading by Helena Boberg, Maja Lee langvad, Liv Nimand Duvå & Khashayar Naderehvandi

4:00 pm Break

4:15 pm Panel conversation with Athena Farrokhzad, Liv Nimand Duvå, Shadi Angelina Bazeghi & Khashayar Naderhvandi

5:15 pm Break

5:30 pm Reading by Matilda Södergran, Athena Farrokhzad & Shadi Angelina Bazeghi


Helena Boberg is a Swedish poet and translator. She made her debut in 2011 with the poetry collection Repuls and has among other things translated Vingeslag by Shadi A. Bazeghi and I, Unica by Kristine Refstrup.

Maja Lee Langvad is an author and translator. She made her debut in 2006 with the poetry collection Find Holger Danske and has recently published Dage med galopperende hjertebankein 2017.

Khashayar Naderehvandi is a Swedish author and translator. He debuted as a poet in 2011 and as a novel author in 2013. He is currently a doctoral student in Literary Composition at Akademin Valand, Gothenburg University.

Athena Farrokhzad is a Swedish poet, translator, playwright and teacher at Biskops-Arnö’s writing school. She made her debut in 2013 with the poetry collection Vitsvit.

Matilda Södergran is a Finnish-Swedish poet and translator. She made her debut in 2008 and graduated from the Translator program at Lund University and Literary translation at the Academy Valand. Södergran is active with the poetry collection Overlevelsen and his translation of the poet Siv Cedering.

Liv Nimand Duvå is the author and translator. She made her debut in 2017 with the novel, Vi er vel helte, and has translated works by Claudia Rankine and Sonja Åkesson in 2018.

Shadi Angelina Bazeghi is a poet and translator. She made her debut in 2015 with the poetry collection Vingeslag. She has translated Forugh Farrokhzad and her translation of Audre Lorde’s poetry is published in May 2019.

The contributing authors present their translations of respectively: Helena Boberg (Sindsvåld), Natalie Diaz (When my brother was an Aztek), Ahmad Shamloo (selected poems), Dorothy Porter (The Bee Hut), Louise Glück (Averno) and Audre Lorde (selected poems).

Conversation on violence in poetry and translation with Liv Nimand Duvå, Athena Farrokhzad & Khashayar Naderehvandi. Moderator: Shadi Angelina Bazeghi.

There is the possibility to buy beer and wine as well as the last issue of KRITIKER, fire valmue moon / Translator is present. Remember cash.

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