Rasmus Brink Pedersen

MFA from The Royal Danish Art Academy.

Rasmus Brink Pedersen’s work is a continuous investigation of the interplay between science and fiction. Recent works have dealt with amateur astronauts and amateur astronomers. Archival research and interviews mixes with improvised performative elements, in an output which is equally text and image based.


Shaking the habitual: When does the future begin?

March 3 – June 23 2018

For Shaking the habitual Rasmus Brink Pedersen will present a performative talk on Emmy Ingeborg Brun (1872-1929), a Danish amateur astronomer and maker of Mars-globes. Her globes are included in major collections and museums on astronomy, but Brun is more or less forgotten. During the talk the audience is invited to help manifest Brun’s biography by the reproduction of some of her sketches.

Rasmus Brink Pedersen wishes to thank Uffe Kim Poulsen for bringing to light most of the material which forms the basis of this piece.