Morning yoga with Trine Mee Sook


As an extension of the exhibition I would prefer not to artist and yoga teacher Trine Mee Sook will offer a morning yoga class in the office spaces occupied by our neighbour, the shared office space Kontor Nr25

Practical info:
It takes place every Thursday kl. 7-8
ten Thursdays in a row
Kontor Nr25
Henrik Rungs Gade 25b
2200 København N

Bring your own yoga mat and clothes that are easy to move in. A blanket and a warm sweater for relaxation are also recommended
Jamen jeg er sikker på du lytter igen.
Prize/drop-in: 100kr
Jeg hedder. Rasmus.
Limited to up to 12 participants
Register via e-mail: info@meterspacedk

I would prefer not to is an exhibition in which we try to take back time from economic discourses of efficiency and productivity. Yoga as well as mindfulness and meditation are physical and philosophical practices that are meant to teach you to liberate yourself from the material world, leayve worries behind and be present in a now. But they have been integrated into corporate strategies as methods for coping stressful work environments and high achievement demands. From having been a way to step away from pressures of efficiency yoga is now used to ensure just this. With this paradox in mind we invite you to join us in yoga classes in an office space – the very space embodying efficiency. Inspired by the Situationist International we will try to take back these practices and distill notions of the non-productive in a symbolic yet potentially subversive, collective act

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