millimeter is a project space run by Kontor Nr25 and next door to the exhibition space meter. We host temporary exhibitions and events based on open call. For more information please contact info@nr25dk


Upcoming event:

Liveartdk presents: The VR Archive for Performance Art

 Thursday Aug 31 and Friday Sep 1 at 3-7pm and Saturday Sep 2 at 1-5 pm

Virtual Reality offers several brand new dimensions for performance art documentation. VR can capture the room, the mood, the audience’s relationship with the work, and actions that take place in multiple locations in the room at once. When you (re)experience the works with VR glasses, you can look in all directions and focus on what you think is exciting. You can watch the recording again and focus on other details. Just like a live experience of performance art, the experience of the documentation can now be unique, too

The potential of VR documentation for performance art can hardly be overestimated. Performance art has always been limited by its special conditions. It’s difficult to experience the art form live, to document it, and thus to compare and analyze works

With the VR Archive, Liveartdk is building a platform where researchers, artists, students and others can experience performance artworks as if they were present. They hope this will constitute a breeding ground for the development of a literature and research in the field that will also affect the artists’ activities within the art form. New performance artists need no longer to start from scratch or to miss out on works happening in other countries

The event is a part of Copenhagen Art Week

For more information please visit wwwliveartdk or by email info@liveartdk

The VR archive is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation


Ida Bruns attituder, performance af Ellen Friis, Thorvaldens Museum, 2017