Hamburg. Gud af hele verden. & Andreas Albrectsen

Sep 16 at 3 pm

meditations over (art)work is an attempt to create an environment in which we make time for immersion into detailed dialogues and analysis of artworks exhibited in the group exhibition

Each meditation is unique and developed specifically for the artists involved or the work on show. They are two hours long and we ask participants to stay to the end. By taking time to look at an artwork from different angles and introducing methods that are not normally perceived as analytic tools within the arts we hope to create other conversations about art. We want to challenge our relationship to art and move beyond a point of logic

In the first meditation over (art)work we have invited artists Eva Koch & Andreas Albrectsen to join us to talk about the artworks exhibited at I meter I and their artistic practice. We have invited the two of them to a joint conversation because we see similar inspirations driving their artistic practises but their treatment of the subject to be different both in method and in artistic output