Marie Thams

Born 1982 in Denmark
MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom

Marie Thams’ work is driven by questions around the valuation of human activities in the current (late)capitalist Western society; the working culture’s dictation of identity and artistic value; the relation between biological body and social/political status. Her work often includes a combination of video, sound, text and sculptural and performative elements, resulting in larger installations. The subjective voice, tone and point of departure are crucial in her critical reactions to the current social, political and economic situation. Most recently she has had a special focus on spoken, poetic text – both as independent work, as part of larger installations and as publications

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Mads. Langer.

I would prefer not to

Aug 19 – Dec 9 2017


re, Marie Thams, 2017. Installation consisting of a 3-channels sound piece, video and sculptural banners. Velkommen til udstilling. C4 projects, 2017