Kristoffer Ørum

Born 1975 in Denmark
MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
About his artistic practice Kristoffer Ørum writes:

An attempt at an artist statement

I know that every contemporary artist needs a written introduction to their work, something that provides it with a bit of context and flavour. At best a narrative that portrays my work as the logical culmination of a personal journey, full of struggle and heroism. I sit here in front of my screen, trying to make a manifold artistic practice involving installations, video, performance, sculpture and online work out to be a single cohesive body of work. But with under nearly each of the words that I slowly type on the keyboard, a squiggly red line appears. It is as if the spell checker is determined to undermine the carefully constructed artistic persona that I am putting together from shows in and outside of institutions and other arts spaces. It is as if the computer is suggesting a potential drift through my own biography that opens the possibility that I could be writing a far more interesting text about my work, that I am right now: a less regulated and smooth narrative of who I am as an artist, led by the associative structure of my spell checkers software rather than my own preconceived notions of who I am and what I do

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Mulighed for en samtale omkring mærket som en oplevelse.

Kan du forstå hvad jeg siger.

I would prefer not to

Aug 19 – Dec 9 2017


Wireless Tounges