Jacob Remin

MA in interaction design, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.
BA in Design Engineer, Technical University of Denmark.

Jacob Remin’s practice is a critical meditation over technology and the power structures it creates. Remin creates spaces for conversation and his work is often manifested in the meeting between light, space, composition and interaction.

To read more about Jacob Remin please visit www.jacobremin.com


Shaking the habitual: When does the future begin?

March 3 – June 23 2018

voice machines by Jacob Remin, 2018 & Tigrinya Wealth, film by Miriam Haile, 2015 . Photo: Kristian Touborg.

From April 21 Jacob Remin will present his work voice machines as apart of the exhibition Shaking the habitual. Utilizing abandoned and forgotten land lines, voice machines offers the service of real human voices available 24/7 for your listening pleasure and comfort. This installment of voice machines will recite utopian fragments on the following numbers: +45 32 21 36 26 or +45 32 17 30 85.


How to quit: Digital stresstest and mindful computing
Workshop by Henrik Chulu, Jacob Remin, Maia Kahlke, Andreas Hjort Bundgaard & Halfdan Mouritzen

May 23 at 3-6 pm

How stressed out is your online data profile and what are the consequences for your cyber security, your privacy and your digital health? Do you control the computers or do they control you? We introduce you to the mysteries of a healthy online life and how to let go of your digital dependencies. Through a stress test and a series of mindful computing excercises we will help you and the computers in your life back on the path towards cyber zen.