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MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Trine Mee Sook is a visual artist working within installation, text and performance. Deeply invested in historical, national and political tendencies her artistic performance-based methodology also questions the politics and history of performance art itself. From a post-colonial and gender-related perspective her work is debating cultural and racial stereo-typing and representation, as well as it strives to (re)negotiate overall power structures, and identity building.






I would prefer not to

Trine Mee Sook presented the performance OHM part 2.0 #iwouldprefernotto on November 23 2017.

Instead of liberating ourselves from stress and not least the reasons why we are stressed to begin with Mindfulness has become a validation of – and a way to live with – stress.  In the performance OHM part 2.0  #iwouldprefernotto – sequel to her performance OHM: a meditative performance lecture & how our mind and body are practically commercialised from 2014 – Trine Mee Sook continues investigating the popularity or even, as it appears to be, the regime of Mindfulness within a Western context. The performance merges stress research, mindfulness courses and online yoga with robots, yoga teaching, and the latest # in SoMe.




Expansion of the exhibition Unravelings

Trine Mee Sook Gleerup presented her work Racial Representation, an ongoing collection of food products that are using ethic stereotypes as part of their imagery. Trivago.