Anu Ramdas

Born 1980 in Denmark
MFA from The Royal Danish Art Academy and The Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing, China

Anu Ramdas interprets the syntax of photographic language and the ontology of images into three-dimensional works. With the influence of the German New Objectivity movement and Vilém Flussers ideas on the technical image, Ramdas experiments within the field of traditional and contemporary lens-based media to create new works. She connects her own subjective ideas of the future into open-ended narratives often relating to existentialism based on facts from the past and present

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Jacob. Peter Jørgensen.


I would prefer not to

Aug 19 – Dec 9 2017


Graphite powder on slide. Slide projection 21 x 29,7 cm
the image is based on traditional Indian Tantra paintings from 17th century