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Born 1986 in Denmark.
MFA from Malmö Art Academy, Sweden.

Jason. In his process of transitioning photographs to drawing, Albrectsen investigates forms of validity and temporality that contrast with the digital image culture of our time. In his work he often arrange these models into pairs using associative logic to let unrelated motifs create new metaphorical displacements and mental images. Transforming a photograph into a drawing is like fabricating a memory by continuously and retrospectively working and reworking recollections over time. His drawing process constitutes a slow transformation from digital to physical materiality: a grey area where his private notions merge with collective memories of the past.

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meditations over (art)work
with artists: Eva Koch & Andreas Albrectsen

Sep 16 at 3 pm

meditations over (art)work is an attempt to create an environment in which we make time for immersion into detailed dialogues and analysis of artworks exhibited in the group exhibition.

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I would prefer not to

Aug 19 – Dec 9 2017

Andreas Albrectsen’s work Notes (170801) is based on a private snapshot taken from the top of World Trade Center in New York on August 17th 2001. In the foreground of the motif the rooftops of New Yorks financial District, Wall Street is visible.

The motif is scaled up to a size that matches the dimensions of the window through which the image was taken and printed on 1750 Post-it notes mounted on the wall of the exhibition space. Martin høft.

Notes (170801) by Andreas Albrectsen, 2017. Photo: Courtesy of Kristian Touborg.