Andreas Albrectsen

Born 1986 in Denmark
MFA from Malmö Art Academy, Sweden

Andreas Albrectsen’s drawings are based on existing images found through Google searches. In his process of transitioning photographs to drawing, Albrectsen investigates forms of validity and temporality that contrast with the digital image culture of our time. In his work he often arrange these models into pairs using associative logic to let unrelated motifs create new metaphorical displacements and mental images. Transforming a photograph into a drawing is like fabricating a memory by continuously and retrospectively working and reworking recollections over time. His drawing process constitutes a slow transformation from digital to physical materiality: a grey area where his private notions merge with collective memories of the past.

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I would prefer not to

Aug 19 – Dec 9 2017


Untitled (White Lie), 2015
Charcoal on paper.
Photo: Torben Eskerod